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  • Meet Marcos.

    Marcos devises strategic capabilities for media companies, enabling organizations to grow new business lines such as OTT content production, licensing, and distribution.

    As content modalities multiply, Marcos builds media engines, allowing brands to create defining moments for their audiences. Establishing the model for premium content at scale.

    Twitter: @whoamarcos

    Marcos Bueno


  • Meet Yohan.

    Having spent the better half of the last 25 years developing augmented reality for defense, enterprise and consumer sectors, Yohan leads bespoke software development for Frontier.

    Yohan Bailot


  • Meet Anil.

    Anil creates technology-enhanced experiences that blur the line between digital and physical.

    Utilizing physical structure, video media, lighting and special effects, Anil creates immersive and interactive environments that inspire connection and conversation. He has worked with brands like Equinox, Pure Yoga, SoulCyle, Toronto Raptors, and Cadillac.

    Anil Mohabir


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